Modern reporting and data warehousing

WebFOCUS reporting and data

WebFOCUS is a leading corporate-level Business Intelligence (BI) solution for implementing reporting applications to varying user groups. The reporting can be performed in real-time and the applications can easily be expanded as the operation grows. WebFOCUS allows reporting from all the company's imaginable data sources. Refined data can be distributed to users in the desired manner through an Internet browser or in the form of Excel tables, PDF files etc.


WebFOCUS was designed to use a web-browser so it does not require any installations in the user's workstation. Its pricing and multi-level architecture accommodate environments consisting of hundreds of thousands of users.

Reporting, queries and analyses

WebFOCUS is ideal for advanced analytical users as well as ordinary consumers of information. WebFOCUS solutions can be applied within the company (Intranet solutions) and between stakeholder groups (Extranet solutions).

Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

WebFOCUS refines data into variables that describe the company's key functions and that can be measured and managed in real time.

Web Services support

WebFOCUS offers an open development environment that can be connected with the company's existing applications and information portals through Web Services.

Distribution and management of information

With the WebFOCUS, information can be disseminated, timed and archived easily and the right piece of information delivered to the user in exactly the right time.

A flexible development environment

With WebFOCUS easy-to-use development tools, browser-based reporting applications can be made fast.

Data source integration and ETL

WebFOCUS integration properties allow access to data warehouses set up for reporting purposes, and directly to operative systems.

Management and data security

WebFOCUS integrated management and monitoring tools ensure the solution's high level of usability, data security and optimization.

Closed-Loop BI

WebFOCUS also offers specified users the possibility to upgrade database information. A good example of this is budgeting and design applications