Integration solutions

iWay Software system integration solution

iWay Software specializes in component-based integration solutions that considerably speed up and facilitate the integration work and cut down integration costs by as much as 80% compared with traditional methods. iWay Software’s Adapter Factory covers seven adapter categories – altogether more than 250 – that can be used for integrating almost any system and application type.

The world’s largest adapter range

iWay Software’s adapter plant constantly makes new plug-in-adapters for a variety of purposes. There are altogether seven (7) adapter types and their total number exceeds 250. iWay adapters do not require manual coding for connecting different IT systems to each other or new e-business systems to the existing architecture. The adapters support leading J2EETM and .NETTM integration platforms and can be reused, which ensures that different integration needs can be met in a cost-effective manner.

Component-based EAI-solution

iWay Software’s basic integration philosophy is that it is useful to carry out integration in stages, yet without compromising on the proper functioning and reusability of the total architecture. Total system integration should be started with a rapidly implementable project that only entails minor risks and investments and has a short investment payback time. iWay Software’s component-based solutions allow fast integration solutions that use J2EE, .NET, XML, SOAP and EDI standards. Sophisticated development tools and the standardized nature of individual solutions tools allow flexible changes as the business changes and ensure integration with broader, service-based total solutions.

Application-specific integration

iWay Software’s Adapter Manager and plug-in adapters ensure a flexible architecture and Web Services without expensive, time-consuming manual coding. The solution is standard-based (J2EE, .NET, JCA, XML, SOAP) so it can be connected to any other EAI system and the investment can be expanded. Software’s broad XML/EDI transformation properties combined with standards such as EDIINT, UCCnet, SWIFT, ACORD and HIPAA allow flexible cooperation opportunities in different industrial branches.

Data integration

iWay Software’s data integration solutions allow both real-time (EII) integration and back-run integration (ETL). iXTE and iWay ETL software can be adopted rapidly, providing a cost-effective, practicable base for implementing a variety of integration solutions.