Infobuild India and Google

Google revolutionized the way users search the Internet. Now, Google has teamed with Information Builders and iWay Software to make any data within your organization searchable in the same way. WebFOCUS Magnify is a cutting-edge tool that combines state-of-the-art search, business intelligence, and integration technologies. It lets you tap into enterprise records and empower more users than ever to leverage critical corporate information.

The iWay Enterprise Index, one of three components in this powerful solution, taps into streams of information, transforms them into more usable and uniform XML-based formats, and prepares them for searching by end users. The result is rapid, at-your-fingertips retrieval of information that previously would have been locked up in proprietary information systems. With a little customized setup for specific applications, iWay Software allows users to access content from any application, database, content management system, custom application system, or legacy transaction system.

The WebFOCUS reporting component allows users to access business intelligence reports, database records, and real-time messages directly from their Google Search Appliance interface.