Telecommunications (Telco): Business Intelligence and Integration Solutions

Using Information to Maximize Profits

If you want to:
  1. Improve loyalty, reduce churn, and increase lifetime value by obtaining a better understanding of customer demographics, needs, and behaviors?
  2. Increase the effectiveness of sales and marketing initiatives by gaining in-depth insight into campaign performance?
  3. Maximize responsiveness and ensure superior customer service by monitoring call center activities?
  4. Boost revenue by identifying the most profitable products, services, and customers?
  5. Optimize network performance and resource efficiency by analyzing call traffic and usage patterns?
  6. Deliver value-added services by providing online billing, maintenance, and trouble-ticketing systems?
We can help.

Today's telecommunications marketplace is challenged by volatility and change, and companies around the globe are racing to keep up. That's why companies such as Sprint, Verizon, Bell Canada, and British Telecom have turned to Information Builders to deliver crucial business information to management, employees, customers, and partners. Information Builders' Web business intelligence and integration technologies have helped industry leaders turn the massive amounts of data in their billing, carrier, customer service, provisioning, and maintenance systems into the valuable insight needed to build and improve mission-critical operations.