Manufacturing: Business Intelligence and Integration Solutions

Giving Manufacturers Insight and Information

If you want to:
  1. Track quality issues from the point of origin (customer complaint or warranty claim) to their initial source, so the root cause can be identified and resolved
  2. Manage the supply chain to increase profits and market share, provide a stronger competitive position, and enhance company value
  3. Keep inventory costs at a minimum, while ensuring that enough stock is on hand to prevent severe negative consequences to either production operations or customer order fulfillment
  4. Understand processes and costs in order to shorten lead times and increase output without sacrificing quality
  5. Assess and track supplier performance in order to reduce costs, increase procurement efficiency, and build strategic relationships that will positively affect product development
We can help.
  1. In response to the pressures of today's economy, manufacturers across several industries – automotive, aerospace,electronics and appliance makers, steelwork, clothing, furniture, and food and beverage – are adopting lean manufacturing practices.
  2. Information Builders' technology solutions are designed to provide the insight and information needed for leading manufacturers such as Ford and Sony to quickly and efficiently monitor and control supply and demand issues and meet their goals.
  3. Information Builders' Web business intelligence solutions and integration technologies enable organizations to deliver more real-time information to more decision makers.
  4. Our technology solutions can help you more effectively bring new products to market, reduce inventory costs, ensure efficient production operations and customer order fulfillment, and track and manage product quality issues for identification and resolution.