Healthcare: Business Intelligence and Integration Solutions

The healthcare industry is constantly faced with pressures to cut costs while maintaining or enhancing the quality of care – two objectives that are seemingly at odds. Yet with smart information management, both these goals are easily within reach. Information Builders currently provides many types of healthcare organizations with intelligent solutions for turning data into vital information. Our solutions, which incorporate Web business intelligence and integration technologies solutions enable you to:

  1. Monitor overall organizational finances with real-time data and KPIs
  2. Track trends – census, admissions, drug studies, and length of stay
  3. Analyze payer mixes and rank
  4. Create new models for patient wellness and self-management
  5. Input or access vital health data from the field with wireless devices
  6. Provide patients with the ability to complete pre-admissions interviews and schedule outpatient procedures online through self-service applications
  7. Simplify the exchange of healthcare information – both internally and externally – and facilitate compliance with HIPAA or HL7 standards