Banking and Financial Services: Business Intelligence and Integration Solutions

Keeping a Competitive Edge With Information

Do you want to:
  1. Retain and expand your client base, improve cross-selling opportunities, and increase customer profitability through a better understanding of behavior, needs, and preferences?
  2. Detect and deter fraudulent activity such as money laundering and identity theft?
  3. Address globalization issues?
  4. Better manage the risk associated with investments, credit and lending, and consumer bankruptcies?
  5. Increase efficiency of core business processes such as call center management, loan processing, andelectronic trading?
  6. Comply with industry regulations such as T+1 and the Bank Secrecy Act?
We can help.
  1. Today's banking, finance, and investment companies operate in an industry more diverse and unpredictablethan any other.
  2. Through mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and internal growth, financial institutions are racing to gain a competitive edge by entering new business areas and delivering more products and services.
  3. That's why industry leaders such as PNC Bank, RBC Financial Group, JP Morgan Chase, and Merrill Lynch have turned to Information Builders to deliver crucial business information to managers, employees, customers, and partners.
  4. Information Builders' Web business intelligence and integration technologies have helped industry leaders respond to the challenge of the extended enterprise.