Sales and Marketing

Today's sales organizations are under increasing pressure to develop and execute successful strategies for acquiring new customers, retaining existing ones, maximizing revenue and market share, and delivering superior support – while streamlining processes, improving productivity, and reducing related expenses. Information Builders' solutions help sales departments gain valuable insight into their operations by turning complex sales, marketing, customer, and corporate data into intuitive, measurable, and actionable information. As a result, they can obtain complete visibility into day-to-day activities, customer buying patterns, the success of marketing initiatives, sale force performance, and more.

Our solutions can enhance the following areas:
  1. Executive dashboards
  2. Self-service and mobile solutions
  3. Sales force management
  4. Customer relationship management (CRM), service and support
  5. Marketing and promotion analysis
  6. Forecasting

Find out how our iWay integration technologies can help you streamline processes and dramatically increase operational efficiency by integrating all the applications and systems involved in your sales supply chain – including third-party vendors, retailers, wholesalers, and partners.