Human Capital Management

Managing workers as a key business asset that needs to be protected, developed, nurtured, and optimized can result in bountiful payoffs for an organization. Information Builders' technologies help companies enhance the management of human resources through streamlined processes, more efficient information access, and better insight into and analysis of critical HR issues and trends. As a result, organizations can elevate productivity, lower labor costs, increase worker loyalty and retention, raise worker proficiency, and ultimately sharpen their competitive edge.

We offer solutions in the following areas:
  1. Compliance and global reporting
  2. Workforce analytics
  3. Employee portals and self-service applications
  4. Personnel administration and performance management
  5. Benefits and compensation administration
  6. E-recruitment
  7. Career development and training

In addition to offering stand-alone business intelligence and enterprise integration solutions, Information Builders' technologies integrate seamlessly with all major HR packages such as PeopleSoft, SAP, and Lawson.

Read more about Information Builders' WebFOCUS, the enterprise standard for business intelligence, and iWay Software, your source for practical and agile integration. iWay Software lets you rapidly integrate all your critical information with both internal systems and external vendors such as third-party payroll, 401(k), and health plan systems.

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Development and Implementation

Information Builders' Consulting Services includes HR specialists to assist with your implementation.